Sonic Leak Detection is New Mexico's solution in accurately pin pointing leaks of all types and sizes. Using state of the art electronic equipment there is no hit and miss guess work, therefore saving you time and money. Our electronic sound equipment can pin point leaks that are under slabs, driveways, behind walls, on roofs, in the yard, and even more complex areas such as fire suppression systems.

Sonic Leak Detection's superior non-invasive Thermal/Infrared technologies can detect everything from electrical hot spots, leaks on flat roofs, energy loss for heating and cooling your home or commercial property, to mapping out radiant heat systems.

Our state of the art leak detection services also include ultra sonic sound equipment for high pressure systems such as, air systems, waterless fire systems, commercial compression systems, and hydraulic operations.

Other state of the art services Sonic Leak Detection offers are, pipe line locating, cable line locating, radon gas detection, irrigation, and many others.

Our highly trained technicians are ready to help you with your leak, no matter how discouraging your situation may seem, we can help. We GUARANTEE our services and if we are not able to find your leak WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU.


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