Does it seem like your water bill is higher than usual, or maybe you have water appearing but your bills have not changed?

There are many reasons for your water bills to go up and there not be a leak. In some situations you may even have water, or mildew appearing with no explanations.

At SONIC LEAK DETECTION we pride ourselves with being able to help resolve these issues and give you the next step.

Some obvious signs of a leak can range from an increase in your water bill, your water meter spinning, and sometimes hearing what sounds like water running when nothing is on. Why pay a plumber to drill holes in floors and open up walls because they “think” the leak is there? Our technology allows us to find the smallest of plumbing leaks which can range from being under concrete floors, driveways, behind walls, to even outside.

At SONIC LEAK DETECTION we GUARANTEE our services and if we are not able to find your leak WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU.


Upon completion of a repair, the system will be repressurized before being back filled to determine there are no additional leaks. We GUARANTEE all of our repairs/re-pipes for FIVE YEARS.

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